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Superior coin has had a lot of confusion around it, whether it is a scam ICO , did the ICO really get stolen from the creator or did the ico team save investors money from being stolen. Honestly I am not going to tell you what to believe, I myself would love to know the truth, I myself did invest in the ICO. The Creator of superior coin has a new ico now called Surecoin.

I recently wrote a brief article about kryptonia the site being set up by superior coin. I have been reached out to by a few different parties involved in the superior coin ICO i will leave all names out, as you can put the pieces together yourself, I would love to hear from my readers on what you think really happened here with superior coin.


First we have Michael Q Todd Steemit Page HERE

Here we have the superior coin team’s side of the story HERE

check out the comments below this article HERE

Bitcoin talk post by Michael Q Todd HERE

Please Comment or upload your own content of what you believe went on or is still going on with this project. PROOF is truth otherwise it is all he said she said B.S!! Projects like this give ICO’s a bad name.



  1. Hi thank you I think the link you wanted to send people is here and here and;all and I also have 40 or so documents posted in a Facebook album here
    To think that this could possibly be anything than a planned theft is totally and utterly crazy sorry. I paid for everything including the wages of the thieves and had all the ideas and absolutely every last thing about Superior Coin is registered in my name. I must be missing something here?

  2. How much did you invest? I am planning on refunding people when I raise the cash to do so. As for “ICO team” my wife and I were that team and under the conditions of the ICO we were to be refunded for having spent all the money to develop Superior Coin so yes it did it get stolen from the investors by the staff member we had to fire

    1. my investment was only around $750 and honestly reading all the info provided to me, i was going to write a article and try to show the truth, but there is so much info back and forth im finding it very hard to write a article without being biased.

  3. $750 is 3 and half times as much as I recommended that people buy so is not so little. I have yet to see any allegation that I did not pay for everything, that I did not have all the ideas and that my wife and I did not work fulltime. Nobody has provided any document alleging that I do not have the right to everything to do with Superior Coin. I would be amazed to see anything of course. Even the people who stole it admit that it is stolen. They have never asserted any right to it. They do not have any shame or care for their reputation. Just gangsters basically and have zero chance of getting away with it. And they have reduced the value of your coins to what? From say 30 cents that I would have them selling for now to about $.00001 ? Are you not angry about that?

    1. of course i am that is why i want to find out the truth, but i have yet to see any proof of much. also you have sure coin now and maybe others?

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