Response From Superior Coin Team

Response from Superior Coin yes it is long but it is in their own words.

I have a ton of stuff that I can sift thru, screen shots videos, etc. We could start by a resumed version, and then let me know what particular evidence you would like to see, and we can go from there.

Basically Nathan worked on his own site for many years, called, he was even offered 100k USD by google to buy it from him, he also was offered the same from an Angel Investor, the only caveat is he would lose control, so he declined. He sold some shares of it to local people, and tried to work on his project.

Nathan used Empire avenue to promote his website and get extra revenue with ads, where he met MQT, and MQT asked him to help on a site that MQT wanted to build, where he would pay Nathan so per hour, MQT already had a few other programmers working on it also.

After a few month and couple thousand of Dollars, MQT asked Nathan to go work directly with him in the Philippines and he would take care of his food and shelter and make him a cofounder to Crowdify at a rate of 1% for every month that he worked on it up to 25% total together with TODD. So Nathan left for the Philippines and they started promoting together the Crowdify Idea.

Nathan had always been intrigued with Crytpo, and he even posted about that he was going to make a coin named YouCoin for use on his website, even well before he and MQT started working together. MQT also had ideas of a Coin and it would be called CROWDIFY COIN, or some other name like SeedCoin, FuelCoin etc.

Anyways , Nathan went to the Philippines, and shortly after MQT had a dispute with the LandLord and left the country, he then was banned from re-entry. Nathan loved the place, but MQT said that there was no more money available from his wife, so Nathan would need to figure his own way out. Nathan started working building websites and other task to earn enough money to get by all the while working on his own website and ideas.

Nathan kept up communication with MQT, and kept working on his own website, he also continued to study about crypto and figured out how to modify Monero code and make a better coin. He told MQT about this, and then one day shortly after he started getting life threats from “the landlord” under a false alias. He also told MQT about this, who promptly offered him a place in Japan, and highly recommended that he needed to leave the country.

Nathan did leave the country, he went to MQT’s apartment in Japan, where Nathan offered MQT and his wife an opportunity to use SuperiorCoin on Crowdify after MQT’s previous coins had failed. It was to be the very first platform to use SuperiorCoin on it plus a few million coins would be given to MQT and his wife. Nathan also said he would swap all crowdify coins or other coins MQT had promoted for superior coins as part of the deal. All verbal not in documents. They would run and ICO and use the ICO money to hire more programers. Also people they knew in the community would be paid with futures of this coin that would be built. They later traveled and went to Portugal and UK promoting Crowdify and SuperiorCoin. Then it was decided the best programers and place of operation would be in Taiwan so they all moved to Taiwan.

All this time MQT had sold CrowdifyCoin FuelCoin,SeedCoin and SuperiorCoin futures. There was money to work on apart from money that MQT had from his wife’s settlement. (Then recently on to PromiseCoin, LoliCoin and SureCoin)

In Taiwan, MQT rented an office space under the Name YOUSEARCH Nathan’s company, using ICO monies. Nathan also registered a new company in Arkansas ,USA with MQT as Manager, Nathan as sole Owner. Yoriko gave those papers to the Taiwan embassy and started working towards getting a branch office legally set up in Taiwan. ICOs/Crowdsales were started several times over the years with various names of coins by MQT until June 1st 2017 when SuperiorCoin ICO officially started. Nathan put in the Database for Todd several million SuperiorCoin tethers, as many people had coin futures that were converted by TODD to SuperiorCoin futures or tethers during the ICO start up and MQT also dispersed a few million to the supporters and volunteers.

Nathan opened up an account in Poloniex to store the ICO monies all under his passport, social security number, name , etc. All ICO money started going there. Yoriko Todd who was the CFO was to keep record of all of this and was given a password by Nathan to supervise and make sure the money was always on track. They had meetings, and set a budget, plan, and all seemed well.

Next, Todd started siphoning out the ICO money from the bitcoin account that was tied to the ICO sales page, before it went into the POLO account. Nathan kept track the best he could of this but he was not too concerned seeing how the coins and sales was progressing, offices were being rented and employees paid. Any time Yoriko asked for money he sent it to her for payment of employees and offices , etc.

Until the day they asked for $225 k USD, and he asked to know what that money was to be used for, and to see the books. They could not and would not give a copy of any expenditures, and on a private chat (where I have transcript) said that it was so much money they didn’t need to keep up with books. These rouge expenditures, the censoring by Mr Todd of Facebook , not doing things like he should, all caused Nathan to suspect of foul play and that Mr Todd was trying to scam all ICO buyers. Since MQT had promised to the buyers that SuperiorCoin would go on exchanges over and over and put out dates. MQT blocked anyone that spoke up about it, and was not consistent with his story. All the while Nathan is trying to get the coin built, blockchain explorer going , running against the clock.

Nathan could see all his hard work going down the drain, and SuperiorCoin becoming a huge scam if he did not stop what was happening. The worse part, is it would be his head if this did not work, since all ICO money was in His personal account, office was rented in His Companies Name and all employees were being payed from ICO money coming from his account.

Nathan asked for a meeting with MQT and YORIKO to set down and figure this out together, and they refused. Nathan then stated that all money would be locked up until they could set down and figure out road plan , check books , budget, etc. Next he received an email saying he was fired, MQT wanted all the money from the ICO and all pre-mined coins in exchange for a settlement.

The next day Nathan went to a meeting with MQT, where he was offered a settlement of 80kUSD. MQT would sign papers releasing Nathan of any future lawsuits , or liabilities, only if he would fade away and let them do what they wanted. Nathan refused this offer as It was ridiculous, he being the CoinMaker. Nathan was more than convinced that everyone would loose all their money since MQT had made all the false promises of going on to an exchange for July 21st when MQT had not even contacted an exchange, and Nathan was the Geek behind SuperiorCoin Development. It all was to much for Nathan to simple walk away , give MQT everything, and then let all those people loose their money.

Nathan said that he would not be willing to simply walk away, they needed to work it all out , prove to him the expenditures and finish the project with him, or he would finish alone.

After the meeting Nathan posted on the FB page (that he created) to no longer send money to the ICO, the official deadline was July 21st and MQT had tried to extend it further. Nathan also shut down the website where the payment system was at to keep from accepting more money. MQT exploded and started bashing on the internet, he even sent his poor wife to the Police station to report robbery of a few Video Cards that Nathan had purchased in Japan , Nathan didn’t even have them.

Since MQT was publishing all over the internet about an arrest warrant out for Nathans arrest, Nathan went to the Police station to find out what was going on. Nathan was informed that Yoriko had made a police report, a video of him accessing the office was used as evidence that he stole these video cards.

The office that the cards were “stolen” from was an office that was being closed, Nathan had agreed he would go move the computer stuff to the new office. There was too much stuff to carry out and so he boxed it up and left it there. (The picture of video cameras present to police shows him with his hands empty). As a note MQT had a problem also with the Land Lord in Taiwan and had days before posted on Facebook about this LandLord Scam , a repeat of the Philippines. Nathan had private messaged him requesting he remove those post, MQT promptly complied.

Nathan had a friend in Japan go to the store where the video cards were purchased, get a copy of the receipt, and the tax papers, send them to Nathan as Nathan was tax exempt and could prove he purchased those cards. (Yoriko, Todds wife had the original receipt that was taken to police as she was CFO). Once Nathan went back to police office with those papers and proved that the cards were purchased in his name and on his passport, the Police told Nathan that there would be a court date in the future, he would be informed. He left his contact info with them.

The next few days MQT was in contact with Nathan’s Mom , brother and friends digging dirt on Him trying to get the password back for Facebook and the money in Poloniex. MQT even went so far as to threaten Nathan and his son, that he would keep Nathan’s son while Nathan was in Jail. Nathan went to Police with those threats and said we wanted to leave the country, he didn’t feel safe with MQT’s threats . The police said it was fine, just to come back for the future court dates.

Nathan left and went to the Philippines, were he set up shop and went to work getting everything done about SuperiorCoin. rebuild servers , rebuild mining pools , websites , etc. Somehow it leaked that Nathan was there and a Pay for Hire ex military Guy started to buzz around FB and twitter. Nathan and his brother made contact with this guy and found out that he was hired to contact and find Nathan. Nathan with his Brother expressed what had happened and the Guy even apologized that he was hired to do horrific things, and was glad they contacted him. He expressed how he could help and sounded all nice. Then a few hours later he contacted again and this time with a warning that Nathan was going down. Nathan needed a lawyer and protection, because he would be locked in a Philippine jail for years , and that this head hunter had contacts in the Government there.

So then Nathan had to leave the Philippines under the threat of imminent danger to him or his son. Nathan posted a message that we was leaving and when he arrived at his destination, for the sake of his friends and family that were worried about his well-being.  A few days after, the “Pilipino Land Lord” contacted Nathan with same false alias that had been dormant on Facebook for a year nearly, threatening him that if he ever came back to the Philippines it would be game over.

Well I have written a lot, and the story continues. Nathan and his team continue to full fill the promises made to the buyers of Superior Coin while Mr MQT just runs his mouth all over the internet.


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