Crypto Currencies Time to Run Or Buy-Alt Coins-A Few High Potential Coins- PAY, OMG, NEO

With the total number of crypto currencies reaching over 900 it is impossible to research all of them, don’t get caught investing is some projects that have no real project or real world use.  Currently crypto currencies have been down trending for the most part after rising tremendously throughout 2017.

News or rumours i should say of china banning ico’s or banning crypto currency trading altogether has caused a huge sell off in the  crypto currency space as a whole. Many countries are changing laws trying to slow the growth of crypto currencies and some countries are trying to promote them, so much news lately good  and bad. Some news confirmed others is not.Time will tell what will really happen to the crypto currency world, but personally i see this as a speed bump for crypto currencies and their journey to mainstream adoption.

TenX(PAY), OmiseGo(OMG),  NEO

I say its  time to buy some cheap crypto currencies that have real potential , with real world use, some are already real world companies. Once the market over comes these hurdles certain currencies will benefit from the inflow of money back into the market.

TenX or token PAY I believe will be a solid company as they are trying to enter the crypto currency Debit card/credit card space. Currently Their web wallet and App is under construction and always being updated to fix bugs and for testing.TenX makes it safe to store and use your digital currencies and spend it anytime with the TenX debit card. Harness the power of the blockchain and spend your digital assets. BTC wallet is live with card payments all over the world, they are testing ETH, ERC20 tokens and DASH with their closed beta group.

PAY tokens will be used by TenX customers. When you use your TenX Debit card and spend your crypto currencies you will receive .1% of each transaction back in PAY tokens, also .5% of all transaction totals will be paid out to you if you are a PAY token holder.

Check out a transaction with the TenX card Here

OmiseGo(OMG) OmiseGo is Aiming to build a decentralized exchange, liquidity provider mechanism, clearing house messaging network and asset-backed blockchain gateway. OmiseGo is open source distributed network of validators which enforce behavior of all participants. They do this by using a protocol token to create a proof-of-stake blockchain, to enable market activity amongst participants. Their main audience will be businesses to adopt them and start using their platform to conduct transactions.

Omise parent company of OmiseGo is already a company, they are a venture-backed payments company operating in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia, with rapid expansion plans to neighboring countries across Asia-Pacific.

NEO  specializes in the underlying technology of blockchain and aims to build an open network utilizing digital assets, digital identities and smart contracts to serve the smart economy in the future. dBFT Consensus Mechanism, NeoContract Smart Contract System and NeoX Cross-chain Protocol were all originally developed by NEO, a tech-savvy community that specializes in core technologies of blockchain. It has been Dubbed “The Chinese Ethereum” but i believe it is actually better.

In addition, NEO Council is making tremendous efforts in prompting NEO’s sustainable development under existing laws and regulations. In Q4 2017, NEO will work with international legal advisors to establish a legal framework which is compliant in major countries for smart contracts running on top of NEO to adopt.

Neo if held in a wallet can generate you GAS tokens as well. Read NEO for more info

I do currently hold all of these tokens in wallets not on exchanges, as there are many benefits to holding certain tokens in wallets that you control the private key to rather than on exchanges.

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