Kick ICO–ICO Crowd Funding Platform–There Has Been A lot Of Talk About ICO’s lately.

KickICO is a new ICO i recently stumbled across and with all the talk in the news about china banning ico’s and many countries trying to put laws in place to slow down the cryptocurrency rise I had to check it out. From what I can see they have experienced Members on the Project team, and an up and running platform.  Their website states they have some agreements with large crypto exchanges but it’s too early to name which ones, but they do state they will hit exchanges come october.

I personally don’t think ICO’s will be banned, yes they will most likely be regulated which will be good for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole by bringing in more money in the long run. We will have many speed bumps along the way, check out Kick ICO and find out for yourself if you think this platform could be a real benefit to the ico industry.


KICKICO’s Platform is an online blockchain technology-based crowdfunding platform which provides its Users (project authors, backers, advisers, escrow-agents, translators, designers, advertisers) with online fundraising tools that operate through decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts.

These tools provide opportunities to:

  • launch ICOs, pre-ICOs, and crowdfunding campaigns
  • provide various support services related to the launching of ICOs, pre-ICOs, and crowdfunding campaigns
  • ensure the safety of PreICOs, ICOs and other crowfunding campaigns, using KickCoin cryptocurrency for internal payments




The KICKICO platform supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns: ICO, crowdinvesting, and crowdfunding. No other platform can boast the same flexibility and freedom of choice. In the case of pre-ICO and ICO, when backers buy tokens, they always receive the unique currency created by the KICKICO platform itself – KickCoins.

Therefore, when they support pre-ICO, ICO, or crowdinvesting campaigns, backers receive two currencies at once, which gives them a double benefit, and when they support crowdfunding campaigns, they receive KickCoins, insuring them against the failure of the project.

Financial Benefits


Unlike other platforms that charge a 5-10% commission fee for placement, not to mention another 5% given to the payment system and 10-30% paid by creators as fiat money taxes, funds on KICKICO are transferred to campaign creators practically in their entirety in the form of cryptocurrency. The platform charges 4% for ICO campaigns and 4% for crowdfunding campaigns. This fee is taken when the project has successfully finished fundraising. In the case of ICO campaigns that mint new tokens for backers, KICKICO additionally takes 4% of the tokens or cryptocurrency produced by that campaign. This fee is transferred to the KickICO reserve fund. See Below

Anti A. Danilevski

Founder and CEO

Born in Leningrad, 1980, began his work in-game industry at 14. Since that time, have been working on indie titles and browser-based games, one of which (Carnage) became the most popular game in Russia. Since 2011, he has been the foremost crowdfunding evangelist in Russia, and helped hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns around the world. Anti leads the biggest Russian crowdfunding community and other game and IT online communities. He brings years of his experience and expertise in crowdfunding, online community-building, and IT to the KICKICO platform, which solves the fundamental problems of ICOs and crowdfunding and is targeted to change the nature of crowdfunding worldwide.

Tony Simonovsky

ICO focused Growth Hacker

Tony is a serial entrepreneur. Back in 2005 he started his first business, providing SEO services to clients in Moscow region. After working with SEO for around 7 years, he sold his business and became a

At the same time, in 2012, he got interested in data science applied to online marketing. In the course of next 3 years he became a well-known expert in the area and is now running a successful business, helping companies worldwide become data-driven, still living a life of a digital nomad.

In 2017 he joined KickICO to help platform increase exposure of its upcoming ICO to crypto-investors around the world by means of growth (1)


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