The Superior Coin-Kryptonia–

This Has Been Claimed to be a scam coin, Proceed with caution always do you own DD before investing.


The Superior coin is fairly new to the crypto scene with having a bumpy ICO as one member of the superior coin team left the project and began spreading bad rumours and also compromising the whole ICO. Superior coin kept all their investors up to date with what was happening and even offered to buy back coins.

Crowdify was the original platform used for superior coin to perform tasks and share ideas and be rewarded for it, which after one of the projects members went on a rampage trying to ruin the superior coin . The Superior coin built their own platform called Kryptonia.

Kryptonia is aiming to build a platform where you can purchase merchandise from amazon or ebay  and many more to come with superior coins,  you may also complete tasks by other users and be rewarded in superior coin. The platform is still in its early stages and constantly improving with everyone’s ideas. I urge you to check it out and start earning superior coins , it’s also a great way to earn followers on all your social media sites or to your website.

A release from the project creators.

Purpose of the Coin:

SuperiorCoin was developed for payment of tasks, ideas, services and collaboration that anyone in the world can do for anyone else, from following people on Twitter, to designing a logo, creating a blog, making a website, and much more. For small tasks, there will be an honor system, and you will simply receive the coins stipulated. For larger tasks, there will be an escrow service, with the stipulation that neither the party performing the task or the party receiving the task can get access to the funds until both parties agree that the task or service has been accomplished or has been abandoned. Members of the community will act as judges on any disputes. These judges will receive fairness ratings, as well as part of the escrow, if the matter goes into dispute. The community may make comments on judges’ profiles regarding disputes.

Members will also be rated by the community, and comments can be left on the profile of members who are performing each task. The amount of the escrow and number of judges will be determined by the price of the service that is offered. Tasks and services trading is the first method of payment offered by SuperiorCoin, although future development will add the method of payment of products.

Apart from being used for tasks, services, and purchases on the Website (name omitted) SuperiorCoin is a secure, private, untraceable currency, which can have many more capabilities that will be developed by members of the community as needs are addressed.

Bonus for not withdrawing:

SuperiorCoin is a POW (Proof of Work) coin, and has added a POS (Proof of Stake) feature to its website, where 200 million coins will be used over the next four years to reward those that use or hold the coins on the website. These coins will be lock transferred so that they will be gradually unlocked (once a month), and any coins not used in that same month will be locked for another 4-year period. About 4 million coins will be available for reward each month. Of the 4 million, 25% will be given out as rewards, and the rest will be locked for next 4-year term. This round-robin effect will guarantee the longevity of supply of coins for rewards, with a gradual decline in the amount available over time. Those reward coins will be divided up to all daily holders on the website, deterministic only by the amount of SUP they hold. The code for this reward system is currently being developed; it will be announced and implemented once completed.

Please visit the kryptonia website and check it out for yourself, again this is great to help bring exposure to any of your social sites and much more! Sign up and complete my tasks of becoming a email subscriber to earn your first superior coins.





  1. One of the team left the project? Was that the guy who paid for it all and had all the ideas and did all the work? And knew all the people who bought the coins?

      1. Michael Todd? Where is the work contracts, business licences and why did you put the money in a poloniex account registered to Nathan Senn if he was not your business partner?

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