True Flip A Blockchain Based Lottery

True Flip A blockchain based lottery is a lot like powerball in the united states or lotto 649 in Canada, im sure every country has their own that is similar. what do you do?
Guess 5 numbers from 1 to 49 and 1 number from 1 to 26

The lottery is based on the principle of PowerBall. But they decided to significantly increase winning possibility by  reducing the total quantity of numbers from 75 to 49, which gives about 1.3 times more chances to win than the PowerBall does.

  • 24
  • 15
  • 30
  • 8
  • 2
Fill out lottery tickets

Choose the number of lottery tickets that you would like to fill out and send to the run. Fill them out manually or automatically (randomly by the system). If desired, the selected bet may play not only in the upcoming run, but also in several further ones

ONE TICKET PRICE IS 0.0005 BTC ($ 2.15) at time of writing anyways
Pay for participation via any preferable method they offer credit cards litecoin bitcoin ethereum , dash and even dogecoin.

The system will automatically convert your payment to bitcoin and transfer funds to the prize fund of the lottery. The prize fund of the system is transparent and always open for viewing due to blockchain technology, and comes to 50% of the ticket cost; remaining 35% go to promotion (15-20%) and fee of the system (10-15%), for server maintenance, wages of developers, and token holders rewards.

In case of the match of numbers

Those bets win, where numbers of the ticket match numbers of the winning set according to the table below. If some category loses in the current run, then the accumulated amount goes to the next run as a Jackpot

5 correct plus bonus # -1 : 49 504 950


30% *
5 correct –1 : 1 984 127
10% *
4 correct plus bonus #—1 : 225 225
4 correct–0.5 BTC ($2145.64)
1 : 9 014
3 correctplus bonus–0.25 BTC ($1072.82)
1 : 5 241
2 correct plus bonus –0.025 BTC ($107.28)
1 : 374
3 correct–0.0125 BTC ($53.64)
1 : 210
1 correct plus bonus0.0025 BTC ($10.73)
1 : 73
 bonus correct–0.0015 BTC ($6.44)
1 : 46
 2 correct–0.0005 BTC ($2.15)
2 : 49
Token Holders of the TrueFlip (TFL) will receive a portion of the proceeds from the lottery, which you can think of as a dividend. There will be special draws for token holders also. The True Flip team made this statement recently

“The special lottery only for TFL holders will be held in September 2017

A ticket is provided for every 100 TFL you own. The prize fund of 1% from our Token Sale gainings will be distributed among 5 lucky winners – chosen by our RNG (random number generator). Win up to 10 BTC with a chance of 1:12k! Details coming soon.”

They also released this quick bit of news


It’s Monday night here, and we launch the new weekly dispatch to become this project’s main newsletter for years ahead (we hope). So, meet State of True Flip, where we publish the past week’s developments and updates of the world’s #1 blockchain lottery!

  1. Token holder profile vastly redesigned, correct data on users’ TFL # and %
  2. Transaction history available now in the Token holder profile, with sorting options (refilled balance, bought tickets, winnings, funds withdrawal);
  3. Bulk purchases finally work – buy up to 100 tickets a time, for up to 150 future draws, program your numbers or choose auto fill;
  4. Bitcoin Cash is now accepted along with BTC, LTC, ETH and DASH;
  5. The Jackpot will increase to 100 BTC on 29/08 (tomorrow);
  6. Security updated: separate 2FA and email confirmation added for secure funds/tokens withdrawal.

It seems plenty of stuff is done to provide a smoother UX for both players and token holders. But that’s just a beginning 🙂 We’ll keep you posted on the Team’s progress with this newsletter – once a week starting now. Of course, all other communications will continue in accordance with our workflow.

So stay tuned and feel free to contact us – we are here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

True Flip Team”

TrueFlip has partnered with Dao Casino which is a blockchain based online casino platform that will allow people to build casino games on their platform. True Flip will be releasing a new game shortly along with DAO casino.
The current Jackpot stands at 112.288 BTC thats over $500 000 USD. I am a Trueflip token holder as well as a TrueFlip customer in playing the online lottery, I have not won big yet but have won a few small prizes.slider-img-5

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