Crypto currencies  are heading lower in Sunday morning trading as they topped 178 bln a few days earlier. Will this be the big crash before bitcoin heads north and smashed threw $5000 and heads towards $ 10 000.

This very well could be the time to load up on bitcoin and ethereum and litecoin, even your favorite alt coins. Some of my favorite coins are NEO, PAY, OMG , LTC and yes I do like XRP even though it is not decentralized I still believe it is under valued.  Neo has fallen recently because of the talks in china of “banning icos”. In the end this will help bring more funds into the crypto world from institutional investors, and anyone in cryptos wants the big boys in to play. I will take their money any day.

As of recently I sold a large position in all crypto currencies expecting a short term correction in the total market cap of crypto currencies. I will how ever be loading up PAY, OMG, BTC, LTC, ETH. For the long run. I also never sold my NEO.

NEO Long term price over $300

OMG Long term price  $25 -$50

PAY Long term price $15+

LTC , BTC, ETH to the moon




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